• We are specialised in Flow Measurement and Flow Control.

    We supply Components and Plants for Gases, Liquids and Steam.

  • Leading „Dial-A-Gas“-Technology.

    We supply leading Premium Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers.

  • Leading Sensor Technology for industrial Applications.

    Smart Solutions for Flow Measurements of Gases, Liquids and Steam.

  • Straightaway across the Finishing Line.

    Our Engineering and Plant Production create your optimal Solution.

  • Twin Turbine Meter: Additional Safety for your Gasmetering in Natural Gas Transfer Pipelines.

  • Protected Valve Drives.

    Our Premium Bellow- and Diaphragm Valves are self protected against strong Forces.

Products & Solutions

Find our Premium Massflowmeters, Massflowcontrollers, Turbine- and Rotarymeters, Diaphram- and Bellow-Valves, Components and Plants, Engineering and bests Solutions for your Applications. 

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Find Applications in Analytical, Research and Development, Food and Beverage, Industrial and Production, Semiconductor and Medical, Bioengineering and Natural Gas etc.  

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Find our Services as Maintenance, Repairs, Recalibrations, Certifications, Troubleshooting, Training or local Support for our Products. 


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